Centre for Solar Energy Materials (CSEM)

The last decade has seen solar technology emerging as a potentially major technology for power generation in the world. The robust and continuous growth experienced in the last ten years is expected to continue in the coming years also. In the line India's Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNSM) boosts the manufacturing of low cost panels in Indian solar industry and associated R&D in development of various solar technologies. Center for solar Energy Materials (CSEM) at ARCI has been established with a vision to develop and demonstrate technologies in the area of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal related to efficient capture, conversion, storage and utilization of solar energy in a cost-effective manner. The major focus areas are:

  • Pilot scale R&D for fabrication of CIGS thin film solar cells
  • Ink based routes and non-vacuum treatment for CIGS
  • Electrodeposition of CIGS layers
  • Solid electrolyte dye sensitized solar cells
  • Performance evaluation and testing of solar cells/devices
  • Development of high absorber and low emissive coatings for CSP application
  • Development of antireflective and self cleaning coatings for solar panels