Centre for IT Services

The Centre for Information Technology Services (CITS) operates and maintains IT infrastructure. The Centre also provides technical support for the ERP software and related services. The CITS is developing customized ERP modules to meet the specific needs of ARCI's administrative, management, R&D, and Technical Centers. These modules are designed to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for managing the various aspects of the organization, including financials, human resources, inventory, and project management. The CITS has established a state-of-art Data Centre facility with the latest technologies and is designed to provide a secure and reliable environment for data storage and processing. The Data Centre is equipped with high-end servers, storage systems, networking equipment, and other related hardware. It also provides a secure environment for data backup and recovery. CITS is responsible for administering email and internet services in an effective and efficient manner. CITS also works to ensure that users have the best possible experience when using IT services.